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Live webinar: Evaluation of Mean Particle Size in Concentrated Liquid Dispersions by SMLS

Particle aggregation

Join us for our next webinar on

March 17 at 4 PM CET (10 AM CDT)

" Introduction to ISO/TS 21357 for mean particle sizing by SMLS"

Dispersions of nanoparticles in liquids are widely used in industry. Product performance depends on constituent particle dispersion state (agglomeration & aggregation, primary particle …) but often the characterization of particle properties requires dilution or other form of sample preparation.

What if we could measure mean particle size as-is in product such as inks, nano-emulsions, vaccines, slurries...?

SMLS offers a solution to evaluate mean particle size of concentrated liquid dispersions without sample preparation. During our next Webinar Dr Denis Koltsov will describe the advantages of the SMLS method, present recent ISO documentation (ISO/TS 21357) regarding mean particle size evaluation of nanoparticles and give an outlook of this method for the indutries.

Dr Denis Koltsov

Dr Denis Koltsov is an international expert representing industry on BSI, ISO, IEC and CEN expert committees. Dr Koltsov developed and published a number of international nanotechnology standards and currently holds the chairman position for the ISO TC229 (Nanotechnologies). Dr Koltsov is running a nanotechnology consulting practice (BREC Solutions limited) that focuses on technical, regulatory and standardisation issues nanotechnology innovation. He is a recognised authority in nanotechnology standardisation, innovation and current market, regulatory and policy trends. 

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