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Innovative characterization of milk coagulation

On-Line Workshop

Formulaction Workshop invitation

March 1st , 2022 , 4 pm (CET)

Cheese fabrication

Current global demand for dairy produtcs is constantly increasing, requiring the development of new product types and keeping quality at high level. Food scientists and cheesemakers are under pressure to provide new recipes in a short time. For the validation of a new recipe, specific parameters, such as gelation time, gel strength, flocculation time help to improve the quality and yield of the product. Thus, the need for innovative and straightforward methods to characterize milk gel formation is high.

4.00 pm Introduction to the workshop

4.05 pm Formulaction's innovative dairy product  characterization  

Roland Ramsch 

Product specialist     

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Introduction of Formulaction and its different solution for dairy products (dispersibility, thermal analysis and gel characterization). A focus on the characterization of milk gels with Rheolaser Master will introduce this technique and some case studies .

4.30pm Gelling properties of milk proteins 

Redolphe Leroux

Dairy protein & structure specialist 


Milk proteins provide a wide range of texturizing solutions to the food industry. Our Ingredia R&D team is operating and conducting studies with  the Rheolaser Master to measure the gelling properties of our proteins. We will share through this Workshop, our experience in using the Rheolaser Master.

5.00 pm Characterization of milk coagulation properties

Per Anderson

Senior Research Technician


The work was performed in collaboration with Aarhus University, Food Technology and Arla Foods Amba. The goal was to find a successor of the existing multi-channel instrument ReoRox G2. To validate the Rheolaser Master it was benchmarked towards fundamental rheology measurements.

5.30 pm Characterization and optimization of soft cheese manufacturing

Hélène Tormo

Professor & researcher    


The presentation is based on the different aspects of dairy product manufacturing, such as the impact of proteins, peptides, the characterization of starters and the development of new and innovative dairy products. 

Rheolaser Master uses a highly sensitive technique to monitor in real time the formation of the milk gelation process. It is based on multiple light scattering technology (MS-DWS). Learn more about the Technology

Contrary to practical tests, Rheolaser Master can analyze up to 6 different recipes at the same time, using only 20 mL. Various important parameters, such as flocculation time, gelation time and gel strength are precisely and automatically determined. It is suitable to study milk coagulation of fresh and stored milk, to avoid problems during fabrication.

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